Retaining staff

As a leading recruitment specialist, we understand how striking the right balance between attracting the best new talent and looking after the employees you already have can impact your business. The most successful businesses are those who can retain time-served, experienced workers at the same time as recruiting new talent.

What is the importance of employee retention?

A moderate level of staff turnover is be good for business. New talent, after all, offers fresh ideas and insights needed to propel your company to the next level. Taking steps to ensure staff retention is just as important though, particularly when it comes to customer care, as BizFluent describes:

“Employee retention has a positive impact on customer service. Turnover brings disruption in customer service, loss of business and possible negative business impacts. An organization’s customer base expects consistent and reliable service.”

Boosting staff retention isn’t just cost effective. Your reputation as a good employer allows you to connect with candidates that want to progress their career by working with a brand that really values its employees. Focusing on employee retention and keeping staff turnover to a moderate and manageable level means you can focus your time and efforts on attracting higher quality candidates to your firm, meaning better teams and betters business results.

Improving retention through support

There are many ways in which staff retention can be improved, and providing well-defined career paths is one reliable strategy that works. And indeed, when new staff are coming on board, this is a very attractive proposition also.

Your employees need support and encouragement, whatever roles they fulfil within the company. Promotions, salary hikes, performance bonuses, profit sharing and training opportunities all go a long way in ensuring your staff are fulfilled and can continue to grow their careers within your company. By understanding the ambitions of each employee and helping them to realise these goals, your employees are less likely to go searching elsewhere for opportunities. By encouraging skill building and delivering one-on-one mentoring to employees you can not only help them build key strengths but benefit directly from top performing professionals.

Look after your employees’ well-being

A company who cares is an excellent brand to work for. As well as helping communication between employee and employer, and offering development opportunities, facilitating good work-life balances will help to reassure your staff. Stress and burnout are two common reasons why professionals, even those at the very top of their games, resign.

Encouraging a good work-life balance will result in a number of positive effects, particularly in ensuring maximum productivity from your staff.

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