Brexit is the word on the tip of the nation’s tongue right now, and with good reason. But should this necessarily dampen your job search? Not at all.

According to Giles Taylor, at Leighton Taylor Consulting, “At the moment, professional services firms are continuing to hire both replacement and brand new roles, which in the current political climate, is reassuring.”

Bouncing back

Three years ago, CEB data reveals that adverts for jobs fell by 700,000 in the week after the referendum results, which could be seen as a rather dramatic downturn in the market. This is understandable, as in times of turmoil, when things look most uncertain, changing jobs is one of the last things on people’s minds.

Research conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG this year, states that job vacancies are down. However, this is an overall picture that neglects to take into account specific industries like the professional services sector. Giles says, “We are finding there are still a lot more jobs than candidates, so if people are looking to move, it’s still a really good time to start a job search. Brexit hasn’t changed that.”

The professional services sector remains buoyant and is still crying out for good candidates, so actually is one of the best areas to work in, particularly if you’re in marketing and business development.

A healthy sector

It is almost impossible to say exactly what the long-term implications of Brexit will be, but the professional services sector is still healthy, despite what is happening politically. Firms are still recruiting and looking for quality candidates.