Research, Research, Research

Currently one of our client’s biggest gripes on some of candidates that they meet (either through agencies or directly) is that they don’t do enough research prior to the interview.


We always provide our candidates with a detailed interview pack, including background on the role, the client, and the interviewers. We also provide detailed notes on preparation prior to the interview and also what to expect during the interview and how to approach it. The first line of our preparation notes talks about carrying out research before the interview but it useful perhaps to just explain the level that we would expect.


Firstly the feeling at Leighton Taylor, (having gone literally thousands of interview processes) is that you can never over-prepare or over research. Even if areas that you covered beforehand don’t come up, it is far better that than not covering areas that do.


The first port of call for most would be the firm’s website, but this doesn’t just mean a browse across a few of the main pages. Look into site in detail, look at individual practice areas and sector groups that the role might cover – work out or find out if the firm have  a practice or sector approach to their marketing and BD or mix of both.


The website is not enough however as you need to be looking deeper into the client. Google the areas you are interested and see where they come up in the news. If you can get access to trade publications – and, accountancy age, Property Week etc.  Look at recent stories and recent deals the firm has been involved in.


Written by Leightontaylor
12th March, 2018