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Our well-established client partnerships mean we can provide a wide variety of positions to the right candidates. Although permanent roles are often considered ‘golden tickets’, there are several advantages to taking on an interim or maternity cover position. Some professionals have even made careers out of working as interim managers or contractors. The question is – is interim life for you?

And if you think it might be, what are the advantages of taking on an interim or maternity cover role, either as a one-off experience or a full time career move?

Experience variety at its finest

In a world where job certainty is something of an obsession, the prospect of becoming an interim manager or maternity cover contractor can seem off-putting. For those looking for variety from their career however, exploring life as an interim may be the perfect move.

As well as bringing fresh, new perspectives to the companies they are temporarily employed by, interim managers and contractors have the opportunity to be exposed to new experiences every day. This is a proven career booster and professionals are able to build more diverse and detailed CVs as a result. Your communication and management skills will also be positively affected by this more diverse way of working.

Enjoy flexibility in your role

As an interim or maternity cover professional, you don’t have to get bogged down with company cultures or office politics. You are expected to enter a workplace and hit the ground running, affording you greater opportunities to introduce the fresh approaches, ideas, and practices that really make a difference. This insight from the Guardian describes flexibility and adaptability as two of the greatest attributes an interim contractor should have:

“Rolling with the punches, not being fazed by uncertainty and ambiguity, reading between the lines and being as comfortable rolling up your sleeves as operating in the boardroom are all required to be a successful interim manager. This extends to coping with often unconventional recruitment processes, being prepared to travel or work away and potentially flexing your day rate and therefore your earnings, in line with market demands. Though the benefits can be significant – in terms of stimulating assignments, work satisfaction and reward – interim managers need to cope with a level of uncertainty and change, not only on assignments but often in their personal circumstances as well.”

The need for greater flexibility and adaptability may be challenging at first, but this is reflected in the increased remuneration that most interim and maternity cover roles tend to offer. The wider job flexibility that comes with interim work can also mean greater job satisfaction, a better work-life balance, and a more interesting professional life for the right candidate.

Build a great professional network

Business clothesBeing in control of your own career goals forms part and parcel of an interim worker’s occupation. If you’re able to land the right interim and maternity cover roles, it will give you an enormous amount of freedom. You have the ability to choose roles that are suitable matches for your skills and experience. You can also select opportunities that help you achieve specific career development objectives.

Open the door to your dream job

Interim positions are often a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you’ve always dreamed of working for. If you are currently considering an interim or maternity cover role at your dream company, but hope the position will lead onto more, this Harvard Business Review guide makes for great reading.

Ready to get started with an interim role? Here’s how to quit your job gracefully.

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