CSR/Environmental Policy

CSR/Environmental Policy

Leighton Taylor Ltd is committed to being a responsible business because it matters to us and the people who are important to us – particularly the people who work here. We also believe that improving our understanding and delivery of our social and environmental responsibilities is important to sustaining our success as a leading recruitment firm, and in improving our understanding of the local and national markets and communities we work in.

Success in CSR means being responsible as well as profitable, taking a responsible approach to climate change and minimising our impact on the environment, being a good employer and ensuring that we attract and retain people from the widest possible pool of talent.

CSR Covers:

  • Our impact on society and the environment in its widest sense.
  • Our impact on the environment.
  • Our diversity record.
  • Our behaviour as an employer, as a purchaser of goods and services, and as a provider of recruitment services; the suppliers we use; our corporate governance policies; our relationships with our stakeholders; and the shared values that guide our company.


We define our social responsibility into these key areas:

  1. Marketplace – responsibility to our clients, candidates, suppliers and partners as a leading Recruitment and consulting company.
  2. Workplace – commitment to what we regard as our most valuable resource: our employees.
  3. Environment – doing all we can to reduce our impact on the environment.


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