Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

The professional services sector can be a highly fulfilling and rewarding sector to be in. It is also ever changing and increasingly competitive so when searching for a new role, you need to harness every advantage you can.

Our 3 consultants are senior Directors who have spent their entire careers recruiting marketing and business envelopment roles into professional practices. We have lived and breathed the sector for decades and know it inside and out! It’s this kind of advice and experience that can prove the difference between getting a job offer or not.

Other aspects to consider:

  1. We have either placed in their roles or recruited for in the past, many of our clients’ hiring managers. We therefore know instinctively what they are looking for and we spend considerable time with our candidates going through their approach to interviews.
  2. Professional services can sometimes be more about culture fit than skillset. Working extensively with clients, we can determine whether or not a person will be the right fit for a particular firm.
    Our consultants are not measured on targets – for example how many CVs they have sent out per week – so they will only talk to you about roles that they feel there is a genuine opportunity for you to gain an interview.
  3. We are highly experienced in offer negotiations. Our strong client relationships mean that we can explore any questions and offer advice on situations as they arise.

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